On average the sun shines 340 days per year in Cyprus with the hottest months being June, July and August. The coldest period of the year is from December to March when the rain falls, but even then there are many fine days. During this time Cyprus offers a unique and invigorating pleasure, that of being able to swim in the sea and an hour or so later ski in the mountains. Late March to early April the island bursts suddenly into spring and the fields are a spectacle of red and gold as hundreds of wild flowers come into bloom. Thanks to the warm weather Cyprus produces abundant fruit and vegetables throughout the year.

Cyprus is the third largest Island in the Mediterranean, coming after Sicily and Sardinia and having an area of 3572 square miles / 9251 sq km, it is also a member state of the European union. Cyprus lies in the north eastern corner of the Mediterranean which is a crossroads between the continents of Europe, Africa and Asia.

As well as the native language of Greek Cypriot being spoken on the island, English is widely spoken across Cyprus too, in the areas frequented by tourist French, German, Swedish and Russian are also spoken.

The Island is considered the richest in the Mediterranean due to its expansive coastline which stretches over 486 mile providing a wide variety of beaches, ranging from secluded bays, to lively resorts, golden sandy beaches and rocky coves, you are bound to find the right one for you. Besides the beaches, lively resorts and water parks Cyprus also has beautiful mountains areas which are on both sides of the island, all of this is less than 2 hours drive from any part of the island. Also there are hundreds of monasteries, churches and historic sites to visit. 

Cyprus cultural heritage has 10,000 years of history making it impossible to even begin to describe the Cypriot culture. Ten millennia of history has left its mark all over the island of Cyprus, in the hundreds of archaeological sites scattered around Cyprus. Cyprus is known as the island of love as this was the birth place of the Goddess of Love Aphrodite. With such a diverse and rich history through the ages and with such natural beauty, Cyprus has more sights and museums that you can imagine. In fact on a visit to Cyprus of just 1 or 2 weeks, it would be impossible to see it all. I guess this is another reason that Cyprus attracts a very high number of repeat visitors.