And So The Adventure Begins

Why Plan?

Building an itinerary to travel I believe should always be relatively flexible, because you are going to want to stay places a little longer, or travel with people that you meet, that were not on your list of places to go.  That said - its really important to have an outlined itinerary so you can ensure that you are going to the places that YOU are setting out to visit (which lets face it, is one of the reasons your travelling in the first place).  You will want to ensure that you have  enough time, and that your budget stretches to reach the countries, cities, towns, islands that you're so excited to explore.

Below is a list of questions that I will help provide the answers to!  But I can hear you asking "why do I need this service, when I can research things online myself".  Its a very good question! And an important one, because you're a traveller and you will always want to make sure your money is well spent towards this experience.  The best answer I can give to you is TIME.  

It's a commodity that none of us have.  Which I imagine is another reason why you've finally decided to embark on this incredible journey that you're about to take.  It takes a lot of time to access the kind of information, that I have readily available, and thats purely through travelling extensively for the last 5 years.  I've backpacked solo many times, travelled and organised trips with friends, travelled as a couple as I do now), worked in three different countries overseas, and carried out a TEFL course, teaching English as a foreign language oversea's.  All of these experiences have given me the knowledge I need to really make a difference to others, and their trips. 

Have you ever asked yourself:-

1.  How do I plan my trip?

2. How will I now how to travel around from place to place, country to country?

3. How do I maximise my time & get the most out of my experience?

4.  How will I immerse myself in local culture?

5.  How will I stay safe?

6.  How will I make it affordable to me?

7.  How do I make sure I don't miss out on sights, places, people?

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If you answered YES to any of the above than get in touch.  Whether it's a brand new adventure, or you've been seriously bitten by the travel bug (It happens to all of us!) - I can support you in "Mapping out your adventure", and helping you decide on your next destination/s!

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