why you should visit enchanting essaouira

Essaouira, Morocco is a beautifully authentic Moroccan town on the coast, lined by a golden, tan like sandy beach & the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. The vibe here is very much "old" Arabic, non touristy and real. Its as colourful & vibrant as other parts of Morocco, but you also get the "chill" atmosphere, as this is a place where people come to surf and kitesurf, an incredible spot with warm weather all year round for these sports.

Unlike Marrakech you will not feel like there are a lot of people in Essaouira. The miles of beach and the walk down to the Medina is such a huge space, that very often you will see locals & their children playing football or skateboarding, but you will never feel that you are in a crowded beach "resort". Within the walls of the Skala Kasbah, which is the fortress that protects the charming town of Essaouira from the crashing big waves of the ocean, an extremely cute Medina, which has many souks, but doesn’t feel like a maze, where you can get lost at every turn. Having said that, that can be exciting too.

The Medina itself is filled with mystery and the bustling life of the Moroccan people, sights & smells that will have you mesmerized for days as you walk through the narrow cobbled streets. The Moroccan people in Essaouira are so friendly and welcoming, they always want to engage with you & captivate you with some kind of trinket that they have in their little shop. A lot of them have an "Aladdin's cave" feel, and often the tiniest of doorways to squeeze into, before you're met with a selection of treasures, that were hidden to the untrained eye.

There is a real laidback, hippy kind of feel to the town, and yes, the locals will love to chat, but they will never ever put pressure on you to buy their goods. They are just so happy that you stop to even take a look at their handy work.

The Medina is the real hub of Essaouira, and this is where many tourists will choose to stay because the choice of Riads is endless. Some old in style, some very boutiquey and modern. The restaurants are of excellent quality too, and they also have something which I think is difficult to find, real ambience, and the setting of a scene when you are enjoying a meal, whether it be with friends or your partner. The art scene and live music scene is very hipster-ish, young & fresh, as are the beach bars & their holistic stye.

EasyJet flies out of London Luton, twice a week, (Saturdays and Tuesdays) – so jump on board and experience mouth watering Tagines, Moroccan "whiskey", mind blowing sunsets and camels at every turn. Immerse yourself in the day to day fish markets, mix with the local's, browse the most beautifully made carpets & most importantly, sit back, relax and take it all in, with the heat of the sun & the tasty smells travelling on the wind.