a travel guide to morocco

Morocco is a country that is really starting to come into its own, in terms of attracting tourists and travellers alike.  Get a glimpse into Africa's continent, by visiting this beautiful Arabian country, full of intense delicious smells, tastes, trinkets and magic carpets.  Explore the popular capital of Marrakesh, not forgetting to venture out to the costal towns to get a sense of the real Morocco.

Essaouira, Morocco is a beautifully authentic Moroccan town on the coast, lined by a golden, tan like sandy beach & the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. The vibe here is very much "old" Arabic, non touristy and real. It's as colourful & vibrant as other parts of Morocco, but you also get the "chill" atmosphere, as this is a place where people come to surf and kitesurf, an incredible spot with warm weather all year round for these sports.