Myanmar is an untouched beauty of South East Asia in many ways, and is the largest country in mainland SE Asia.  Alot of it is closed to tourists, due to unrest in the country still being an issue - but don't let that put you off in any way!!  This destination is one that is attracting backpackers & travellers alike, and will blow your mind ( Just think what it will be like once the entire countries opened up!) . Whether we call it Burma, or Myanmar, what we will be talking about is the legendary kingdom of Bagan, (watch out for the  daily views of the rising hot air balloons), the cradle of the present nation and a cultural milestone in Southeast Asia



travel guide to myanmar

This is a wondrous place, privileged with a geography of lakes and forests that cover more than half of the territory of a beautiful country.  Myanmar treasures artistic and monumental jewels; of a rich ethnic diversity, a place that preserves ancestral ways of life and for that reason, Myanmar seduces even the sternest and shrewdest of travellers of Asia.