explore CAMBODIA

Cambodia has it all....history, beaches - hell even world wonders!  The accommodation is cheap & the food is cheaper.  The smiles of the Cambodian people, will have you contemplating the western world - these beautiful people survive on so little, but are generally happy.  To venture there - is to see why.


a travel guide to cambodia

Cambodia is a beautiful country full of natural world wonders, history, and beaches, that you probably never even knew were there.  Its popular amongst the backpacker & budget traveler communities, as it has some of the cheapest accommodation I've ever come across whilst travelling. 

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are you ready for the real paradise?

One of the biggest draws of Koh Rong Island is the feeling of being off the grid, an island that transports you to a reality that can only be compared to a dreamland.  An island that completely awakens that feeling of "am I dreaming - am I really here?!"