explore greece

Greece is a country full of history, beauty, incredible food and an abundance of the colour blue, everywhere you look.  It is one of my all time favourite places in the world, partly because I'm Greek and its my heritage, and partly because every part of this country is adventure and love and happiness.  I feel it constantly when I visit this beautiful country and in my opinion it's the best of Europe, but don't take my word for it, plan a visit asap, and if you can, do a tour of the islands too.


a travel guide to the cyclades islands

Ancient ruins, white sand beaches, gorgeous Greek food and unbeatable weather are all reasons the Greek Islands are a must visit destination for budget travellers. A Mediterranean getaway under the hot Greek sun awaits and plenty of fun is sure to follow.

a travel guide to athens

Due to its rich history and unbelievable tourists sites, Athens is continually one of the top draws for tourists in Europe each year. In 2015, Greece tourism reported that more 26 million tourists travelled to the country. Millions of those people passed through Athens and experienced the wonders of the ancient city.