Top 20 Travel Quotes That Will Make You Want To Start Packing Now!!


With the wonderful world of the internet and social media at our finger tips, we too are given endless photo's, video's and quotes on pretty much any subject you can imagine  I love a good quote! I'm known amongst my friends for posting on Facebook or Instagram, or sending a screenshot of a quote in a Whatsapp group...I love them.  They always inspire me to travel more, achieve more, think outside the box more!  

A simple quote can have you following a dream, that you've had for years - the power of a few words can change your life & give you that extra push to leave your 9-5 behind, and board that plane into the unknown.  Writing these word's to you, brings back the memory of the first time I did it, set out on my travels - gives me goosebumps thinking about it, and the happiest feeling inside!

So here are my top 20 travel quotes that will help you become inspired, follow a dream, perhaps give you that extra little bit of courage that you've been waiting for.  Remember these are wise words, and who are we to argue with the greats :) Enjoy!