12 photos that will inspire you to travel


What inspires us to travel the world? Is it that feeling deep inside drawing us to new destinations to new cultures? New smells and sounds? Or is it our imaginations?  Childlike in our minds and hearts to seek adventures and to always feel that we are learning something new.  Catapulting ourselves out of our comfort zone.  That feeling of sheer exhilaration and adrenalin that fires up inside of each and every one of us.  All of these things are traits of a travellers personality.

For me, I was always inspired by wanderlust and the thought of what was beyond the horizon.  I remember choosing my university in the UK, just so I could be by the ocean, as I'd spent at least half of my life up until that point competitively swimming, and I was, and still am the biggest water baby. 


I used to sit on the same bench down by the beach most weekends, with my headphones in, press play, and dream, looking out to the ocean & the horizon, wondering what was on the other side.  At the age of 22 whilst temping in a mediocre office job, my manager recognised my passion for travel, wonder and the water, and recommended I should apply to a role with Kuoni out on location in the Maldives, as she had previously worked for them. 

I went out for 6 months and never looked back.  My day to day life there was pure perfection.  I'd finally found what was on the other side of the horizon....white sand beaches that stretched further than the eye could see, the calmest, crystal clear waters, fish surrounding me as I went for my morning swim, palm trees, hammocks.  Island life that I couldn't believe I was lucky enough to experience at 22.  Not many "foreigners" can say they've lived in the Maldives.  I did of course eventually return to London, realising that perhaps I needed to start my career and put my degree to good use, as opposed to living in paradise.  My desire and passion for wanderlust never went away, and eventually after countless holidays all over the world, and countless years spent working my way up the financial services ladder, I decided to live the dream, apply for a one year sabbatical and book a round the world ticket, just me, my passport, and my backpack.  I've continued to travel, and have never looked back.  Not once.

Below are some of my favourite travel photos to awaken & fuel your appetite for travel. To inspire you to map your adventure out, and just go!

This world of ours is big, so don't let anything stop you from exploring it.  Let the world leave its mark on you, do the same in return, and make a difference.


Hayley x