Travel insurance - Do I really need it?


Travel insurance is the number 1 factor that you should be considering, even more so when you are going on a longer trip, or backpacking around the world.  Yes it is an expense, but trust me when I say that knowing in the back of your mind that you have it will be all the reassurance you need when you are on the road, wanting to enjoy every experience and adventure that comes your way.

Imagine driving a car without car insurance.  Would you feel safe? Or would you constantly be thinking about the fact you are not protected?  What about when you go on holiday without home or contents insurance and  (God forbid), your house is burgled.  Would you be comforted by the fact that you’d be able to replace everything, without it affecting your life and finances too much?  You see my point. 

But you’re still conflicted.  It’s a lot of money to pay out in one go. You’re still at that crossroads, asking yourself those questions.  Do I really need travel insurance? Why do I need travel insurance?

The only thing I really need to say is quite simply, YOU and your health are the most important thing. Travel insurance will protect you when you become sick or ill overseas.  You may need to see a Doctor, or require medication, and this will be covered by your insurance policy, meaning that you don’t have to dip into your travel fund to pay for this expense.  Phew!

You know that expensive camera you have?  The iPhone and iPad that you’ve taken along to capture all of the incredible memories you’ll create?  Your travel insurance will protect that too.  If you lose a bag, or someone steals from you in a dorm room/guest house (it happens unfortunately), then you’ll be given the money back by your travel insurance company to buy new equipment.

What about if you arrive at the airport and your worst nightmare is realised.  Your bags haven’t come out on the conveyor belt, and they are lost?  Or you don’t even make it to your destination airport because your flight has been cancelled.  All of these elements will be covered by your insurance company too.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to budget for, and buy a good, solid travel insurance policy. When I was working out in the Maldives, a woman enjoying her holiday in paradise slipped and fell in her outdoor bathroom, and in a freak accident cracked her skull, and had to be airlifted to a hospital in India.  Another friend was caught in the Tsunami of 2001 and relied upon her travel insurance to support her in a time of need and trauma. 

Can you imagine the sheer expense of being airlifted to hospital in another country, by helicopter? Or the comfort of an “airbag”, when you have experienced an already traumatic event, such as a Tsunami? It might be something as common as falling off a motorbike and injuring yourself, or having your bag stolen on a long bus ride through South East Asia.  Whatever the situation, if you break it down, it’s basically the cost of a coffee every day, to protect you, your life and your things.  Seems like a no brainer to me.


Looking for the right travel insurance, especially for a longer term trip or backpacking around the world can be overwhelming and confusing, so look out for my next blog, which will give you a detailed insight and breakdown into cost, what type of insurance is suited to you, and who/were to buy it from.

"To travel safely is worth every cost, or sacrifice"