A list of 7 of my favourite travel blogs


Travel is my passion, and I have been inspired whilst creating my own travel blog, Map My Adventure, by so many pro travel bloggers in the industry.  There are so many different niches and styles in travel blogging, adding an abundance of value to people that want to travel and see the world.

Below is a list of my top 7 favourite travel bloggers that are out there at the moment. They are all unique and different in their own way, but one thing is for sure; they are all incredibly successful, living their dream to inspire others to travel, and to make it more achievable.  I can only hope that one day Map My Adventure is talked about in the same company as these bloggers, and is achieving everything they have and more.  

1. Two Monkeys Travel Group

This site was developed by a couple who met when travelling though Laos in South East Asia. Kach is originally from the Philippines and Jonathan is a fellow Brit.  They met, fell in love, got married and started a business, driving their true passions of travel and adventure.  They have fantastic content and imagery on all of the places that they have travelled to, and are currently on their round the world honeymoon trip, which I love to follow on social media.

You can find them at https://twomonkeystravelgroup.com/

2. The Blonde Abroad

Similar to myself, Kiersten left her job in corporate finance to travel the world, and become a travel blogger.  She supports people in the travel and lifestyle niche, and has been incredibly successful in a short space of time, with a huge social media following across all of her platforms. This is definitely one for the girls, as you follow glamorous Kiersten around the world, constantly being inspired by the opportunities she gets through her business and blog, to experience things that I'm sure she only dreamed of.  A true inspiration and one to follow for truly valuable content and photographs that will make you want to book your next flight in a second.

You can find The Blonde Abroad at http://theblondeabroad.com/

3. Gypsea Lust and Do you travel.

Jack and Lauren are a couple that met whilst travelling and both run separate travel blogs, but are very much in this together.  Their Instagram accounts and imagery will blow your mind.  They live in Bali, but travel all over the world for the purpose of their travel blogs online, and capturing great content, as well as revelling in the experience of worldwide adventures together.  Between them they have almost 4 million followers on Instagram and are a true example of how to take an exceptional photograph.  Map My Adventure certainly keeps a close eye on them, aspiring to be as successful as them, and follow in their footsteps, building a strong audience to influence and taking awesome photographs.

You can find Jack and Lauren at:



4. Hippie in Heels

Rachel from Hippie in Heels left her job in the states to travel, and ended up meeting her now long term partner in India.  She now lives with Ben in Goa and runs her travel blog, which specialises in travel to India.  Rachel also travels all over the world providing her very loyal following with really valuable content, great fashion and even better photographs.  Her website is one of the best I've seen in terms of design and navigation, and I think she's very true to herself in her writing, which makes her very easy to follow, and gain helpful tips from when travelling.

You can find Hippie in Heels at http://hippie-inheels.com/

5. Nomadic Matt

The majority of people interested in travel have heard of Nomadic Matt.  He is the biggest travel blogger on the internet, and the traffic to his site alone has meant that he's been incredibly successful, enabling him to move outside of just blogging. Nomadic Matt regularly speaks at events around the world and has even created his own travel blogging course to inspire others, whilst also writing a book.  His destination guides are extremely valuable, and show you how you can travel the world on a budget.

You can find Nomadic Matt at http://www.nomadicmatt.com/

6. Adventurous Kate

Kate, from Adventurous Kate is an American travel blogger specialising in solo female travel.  Kate has been blogging since around 2008, and her website is a great go to for all travellers (not just females), to research destinations and plan out a trip around the world.  Her Instagram stories are great, and I'd love to meet her one day because I think we'd be friends.  Kate comes across as very warm, bubbly and smart in her writing - an inspiration to me and to others to travel and learn.

You can find Adventurous Kate at http://www.adventurouskate.com/

7.  Vicky Flip Flop

Vicky's blog specialises in travel and festivals, and she has become very successful UK based blogger.  She travels all over the world for her craft, and brings with that extremely funny Instagram stories and valuable content.  The thing I really like about Vicky Flip Flop, is that she doesn't take herself too seriously.  She really engages with her audience through her social media platforms, and is a very real example of what you can achieve in the blogging world.

You can find Vicky Flip Flop at http://vickyflipfloptravels.com/

So there you have it, some fantastic resources for you, for when you are looking to research and plan your next trip.  Of course, Map My Adventure is my all time favourite travel blog, so don't forget to visit us FIRST at https://www.mapmyadventure.co.uk/