50 States make up the USA, and all are very different from one another.  I spent 3 months travelling across the USA and it was such an amazing experience.  Mountains, Swamps, National Parks, Famous Monuments, World Famous Beaches & more are waiting for you.  Argubaly the most "famous" country in the world for many different reasons, this is a travel experience not to be missed.


a travel guide to California

Hollywood, San Francisco, Venice Beach, San Diego and a whole lot more of fun is waiting for you in California. The west coast has long been known as the best coast for its beaches, weather and laid back attitude.

A travel guide to the east coast of the U.S.A

New York City, Philadelphia, Boston and Washington DC, four American East coast cities with centuries of history.

The United States is quite new as a country and is just over 240 years old. Yet, these four cities showcase a lot of the old world charm that made it's way via ships from England, Ireland, Germany, Italy and a number of other European countries.