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Firstly thank you for looking to partner with Map My Adventure!

Map My Adventure is really driven towards values, and in keeping with its own values and the values of our readers, we look to work with brands & companies, supporting them with the following questions:-

How can I use the power of social media to really add value and enable me to connect with a larger target audience?

How can I influence my market to want to buy from me, or indeed visit me or my website?

How can I use consumer psychology to really transform the reach of my product/service?

I want to story tell an experience, but how do I go about doing that?  

All of the above are very common questions and ones that Map My Adventure can help you to answer.  When forming partnerships, we are very selective with the work we take on, purely because we want to ensure that the companies we are working with and the brands that we are helping to promote, will always add value to our readers, helping them to travel better in every way.

If  you are a travel company, product, tour operator or tourism board, we can help showcase your company and your brand in the right way.

Choosing to work with Map My Adventure will enable you to promote your product to our followers and the wider markets.  It's not just about a product or a service, however, but also about your brand and increasing tourism to your destination of choice.  My business typically targets the age range of 18-40 years of age within the budget traveller space, both new and advanced travellers, so my partnerships will always have to ensure that the work I do, can be used/visited by budget travellers within those age brackets.   Alongside that I blog about all inclusive resort experiences (when taken), adventure sports such as Kitesurfing and my blog is also supported by a strong portfolio of high quality unique photographs taken all around the world.  I also review volunteering opportunities around the world, working oversea's in general and tour/accommodation reviews.

I am personally looking to work with products & services that I can recommend because I feel they would benefit my readers whilst they travel the world.  As I continue to travel I want to be able to identify with new brands, old brands, and unique brands that I can work with and partner with to make it easier for my readers to travel the world, whether they choose to do that solo, as a couple or with a group of friends.

Destination reviews, tour reviews and hotel reviews are extremely important to my readers, as the travel train of information is so powerful to influence a booking.  I constantly travel and am on the move, outside of my home city - London.  As a result I want to be able to bring fresh new places to the minds of my readers, but also to be a part of reviving a destination, and informing my readers through accurate and honest writing and recommendations.

how we work with others


Your product/service/destination will be reviewed fully in copy by me, and my own voice.  I will engage with my readers by sharing my full content post twice on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest.  I will also credit the post to the Home page of my website, at the top, under "Latest Blogs", and it will stay in that position for a period of two weeks. 

Banner Advertisements

Standard, video, and interactive banners will be accepted onto my site, however I will need to ensure that these work with the values of Map My Adventure, and also the overall look of the website.  I will only ever have two companies that I support and recommend to my readers, which means that your brand will have priority, rather than being lost in a sea of advertisements on my web pages.


Map My Adventure builds targeted campaigns  for a destination or product/service, showing my readers the value that can be added to a short or long term trip.  I always look to build targeted campaigns for brands and destinations, through the media of several blog posts, photography, videography and live chat and real time feeds through social media avenues.  

Rates for this service are bespoke and completely tailored to the amount of coverage required across all platforms, and work involved.

Freelance Writing

 I absolutely love to write and I love writing freelance articles for others!  I'd be happy to write for your publication or website on various different topics surrounding travel.  I can share my experiences and expert travel knowledge with others through many different mediums, therefore please do contact me directly for more information, so I'm able to access each individual job spec